Capturing the Silken Thief - Jeannie Lin

Better than the first book I read of Ms. Lin's today. This was a slightly longer story with more depth to the characters than the first book. This book is set in the same city as the Lotus Palace series, but is not in any way connected to the series. The couple, Jia and Luo, were the cutest, sweetest, real characters and I rooted for them from the beginning. Also, in both books, but especially this one, there isn't any sexual hang ups regarding virginity - in this story specifically, our heroine has had a couple lovers in the past and there is some hot love scenes in both books without worrying about ruination and such. What a fresh breathe of air! If you want to try out Ms. Lin's writing, I would recommend this one over the The Taming of Mei Lin, but both were enjoyable reads.