First DNF of the month

Marcus Wilding: Duke of Pleasure (Dangerous Dukes) - Carole Mortimer

I hit page 32 of the 60 page prequel and decided its not worth it to read it to the end. This is bad erotica dressed up in Harlequin historical book. The hero was okay, but it was the heroine that did the book in for me. She is a widow at the age of 22 after only being married for 3 years and her year of mourning was coming to an end. She had a horrible abusive marriage (infidelity, mental and emotional abuse, lackluster sex life). She decided that when she re-entered society, she would never marry again and instead take lovers. But she had such a bad sex life with her asshole husband that she wanted to be taught in the ways of seduction and love-making. So she blackmails the hero into teaching her; I thought this part was especially crappy of her, as she considers the hero a friend. First two lessons and she is acting like a nervous virgin on her wedding night while reliving the pain of her lackluster marriage - basically a virgin with baggage. She was draining and naïve (like she didn't even know that women masturbate or give oral sex! so shocking!). Onto the next one!