Undaunted: The Real Story of America's Servicewomen in Today's Military - Tanya Biank

Not getting a good vibe from this book.


The foreword was written by a long-time war and military correspondent from Time magazine praising the author after he met her once for an interview about Army Wives.


First "uh-oh".


The  introduction was written by the author to give her reasons for writing this book. She mentions she is the daughter, sister, and wife of military officers - that is her resume for writing books about the military.


Second "uh-oh." It's not that she is writing fiction about the military (such as romantic suspense with military/former military members as lead characters) and can get away with only dealing with types of characters she wants to. She is writing non-fiction about the military....that she has only been a dependent experience for her.


In the introduction, the author gives a brief intro to each of the four women profiled over the five years in which the book takes place (2006-2011). Okay, now we are cooking with gas...maybe not.


First is Brigadier General (BG) Angela Salinas, the first Hispanic female general in the Marine Corp's history. Cool - WoC and officer. Marines are representing. Described in the first sentence as feisty and short.


Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) Bergan Flannigan. Youngest of the four women. White, middle-class, Army officer. Okay, Army representing, and with a graduate of Norwich University (military college in Vermont).


Sergeant (Sgt/E-5) Amy Stokley, 25, Hispanic Marine working as a Drill Instructor (DI). Described as "diva in boots." OKKKKKAAAAAYYYY, at least we got one enlisted person.


Major Candice O'Brien, 33, married to another officer, mother of 2, Army officer. Another middle-class white officer.


So no blacks, no lesbians (along DADT was still in effect for all but one of the years this book covers), no lower-economic class, no first in the family to go into the military, just three officers and one enlisted person. I don't think this is going to be as comprehensive of today's military female experiences as the last book, and that book is from 23 years ago.