Undaunted: The Real Story of America's Servicewomen in Today's Military - Tanya Biank

I hit less than halfway point last night and put the book down because I had to get up with the kids and do stuff this morning with them. Otherwise, I would have probably did what I did tonight last night - stay up until 2am reading. Here are my rambling observations:


I want to recommend this book to everyone. I wanted to give it higher rating. However, I can not deal with authors who are looking beyond their book deals to movie and/or tv deals. And that is why I am only giving 3.5 stars to a quite possibly 4.5-5.0 stars book. The writing felt so melodramatic, you could sense where to take the dramatic pause for a commercial break or a close up of one of the women's face at the end of the chapter.  Sometimes it felt like I was reading a script rather than the stories of four real women in the military.


And yet, I wanted to read and know about these four incredible women that melodramatics aside, I kept reading until 2am. Their stories were relatable and heart breaking (like the Major who decides to volunteer for a post in Afghanistan for a year, leaving her two kids and her veteran hubby who is dealing with PTSD after two tours of Iraq behind). Although each chapter is about a separate woman, by the second part of the book which woman was an individual and I had no trouble discerning one from another.


As an Iraq War veteran, I could feel myself going back to my time in Iraq while reading about their deployments. That may be a bit triggering for other veterans.