Holiday Weekend

My hubby works the midnight shift. So when he came home this morning, he plopped down on the couch and slept for a few hours without bothering to take off uniform. When he awoke, he went upstairs to change and that is when the stomach bug hit him full force.


Several hours after hubby started with the stomach bug, my little guy starts projectile vomiting everywhere. Little guy was on the living room floor shaking so bad from dehydration and coldness that I decided to take him to the ER on base. Two and half hours later he is feeling better but still dehydrated and is sleeping. Hubby is sort of getting the upper hand now on his stomach bug.


Needless to say, the start of Thanksgiving 2015 is not going all that smoothly. We moved our small feast to Saturday to give everyone a chance to recover. In the meantime, I am playing nurse to hubby and baby boy and EDITED: little girl had it earlier this week. She is the one to kick things off.


I am hunkering down with my books until my Westfield Mall trip. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and may your holiday weekend be safe, healthy, and happy.