The Naked Truth

Plenty of Time When We Get Home( Love and Recovery in the Aftermath of War)[PLENTY OF TIME WHEN WE GET HOM][Hardcover] - KaylaWilliams

This should be required reading for every US citizen so that they truly understand what happens when someone goes off to war (because a decision was made by authorities who were voted in by the citizens) and comes home. The big theme to this book is "Not All Wounds Are Visible." This book is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, but maybe those same people can grow from that lack of comfort. Kayla Williams pulls no punches and (much like honey badgers) she doesn't give a shit if she tells you something about the military, DoD, or the VA that shocks/saddens you or makes you take a hard look at your opinions about the US involvement in Iraq. - That is to say, if you lean hard right/conservative (based on US political spectrum), you are not going to like what Williams has to say. She even went after Rush Limbaugh.


Reading Williams' words was like looking into a reflection pool about my experience in the military and deployments to Iraq. This is her second volume of memoirs, and I am working with my local base library to get my hands on the first volume. Although I am finished with making my best/worst reads of 2015 posts, I am adding this book onto the best reads list at the last minute. 5 stars and fuck your feelings, the truth needs to be said.