Gentleman of Her Dreams - Jen Turano

I read another book in the series and really enjoyed it. So I bought a couple of others in the series, including this novella which turned out was the prequel to the series. I am glad I read that other book first, as this novella had many shades of the good stuff found in the series but starts off really clunky.


Charlotte is a ditzy, clumsy, scheming, immature airhead. I just couldn't connect or even like her even when towards the end she matures a little. Henry is way too good for her but he was a coward for running away before telling Charlotte his true feelings just to come back two years later and try to scheme his way into a marriage with her. Lots of schemes and plans end in disaster which I take to be the humorous parts but really just made me wince and cringe with embarrassment. The ending had the MCs acting like adults and talking about their feelings for one another, but it was a little too late for me to care about either one of them or their relationship. I still like the author's voice and writing style, so I will continue to read her works, but maybe just the ones I have already bought and the rest through the library. 2 generous stars.