Early Holiday Presents

Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite - Gordon Ramsay, Mark Sargeant Gordon Ramsay's Playing with Fire - Gordon Ramsay Humble Pie - Gordon Ramsay Sinatra: The Photographs - Andrew Howick, Barbara Sinatra

My friends and I got together Friday night for our girls' Christmas party, which included a round of Secret Santa (we drew names early in the month at one of the playgroup meetings). I drew my friend Heather and I knew she was a BIG fan of Gordon Ramsay. So I got her Playing with Fire, Humble Pie, and Healthy Appetite all by G. Ramsay; best part is that the books were in excellent condition at the local charity shop (St. Nicholas' Hospice), so I got my friend books she was excited to open and my money went to charity. Win-Win.


As it turns out, Heather drew my name for the Secret Santa. She got me a Wonder Woman mug (to go along with my new Wonder Woman apron) and Sinatra: The Photographs by Andrew Howick and Barbara Sinatra (which is not in the database or its under a title that is very much not on Frank Sinatra). The book is gorgeous! And of course, so is Frank :D


Overall a great bookish start to my holiday haul 2015.


ETA Tuesday, December 22, 2015 9:15 pm: Murder By Death fixed the database entry for the Sinatra book so I was able to edit the post and add the book cover. Thanks to MBD and Grimlock for investigating and fixing the issue!