Review: The Lullaby: Shaina's Story (Family of Fire #1) by Lola Grace Stevens

The Lullaby: Shaina's Story (Family of Fire) - Lola Grace Stevens

This was a nice short story (100 pages) of a mail order bride going from NY to WY. I think the "I Love You" part was a little quick, but the connection was there. The heroine was smart, sweet, and loving and the hero walked the line between alpha and beta. Good people in a decent story. And the sequel bait happened in the epilogue, which made perfect sense and made the story flow smoother.


However, holy fertility Batman! There were babies and children in the tens (heroine is 9 of 12 kids and hero is 1 of 9 kids). And of course, the heroine gets pregnant with twins after conceiving during the first time the couple had sex (hero was also a virgin...and lasted all of 9 seconds). So over the top. 3 stars.