Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Beauty and the Beasts - Frank McLaughlin, Bruce Patterson, Dick Giordano, Len Wein, Bob Smith, George Pérez, John Byrne

George Perez, John Byrne, Len Wein - Writers

George Perez, John Byrne - Pencilers

Dick Giordano, George Perez, Bruce Patterson, Bob Smith, Frank McLaughlin - Inkers

Carl Gafford, Tom Ziuko - Original Colorists

John Costanza - Letterer

George Perez - Original Series Covers


I placed just Perez as the author, but wanted to list the others who contributed to this compilation in case anyone's favorite worked on this and might be interested.


This is a trade publication compilation of WONDER WOMAN #15-19 and ACTION COMICS #600, originally released as single magazine issues in 1988. And OMG, the 1980s are in full effect here; the clothing, the make-up, the facial hair, the hair on characters' heads - all late 1980s glory.


The Story - there are three acts to the book. Act One is Wonder Woman battling Silver Swan. I found this story very relatable to modern times; wealthy industrialist grooms young, insecure woman to be his weapon for more wealth and power. This act also includes commentary on fame and charity giving. Act Two is Wonder Woman teaming up with Superman to fight Darkseid on Mount Olympus. We get just a glimpse on the friendship/beginning of a love story between WW and SM that I was all in for; yet the romance was a side note to main theme of the working as a team that made me a very happy DC reader. Act Two also commented on Wonder Woman's lack of education when it comes to love and marriage. Act Three was Wonder Woman battling Circe while on vacation to Greece. This story had Wonder Woman helped by Greek academics and the island's rebels. Act Three was more of Wonder Woman trying to understand more of her Greek heritage and role among the gods.


I liked the all the side characters except for Vanessa - what a whiny shallow bitch. Wonder Woman's publicist was a little stereotypical of people who are in that job.


The Artwork - typical comic book style from the 1980s. Really dark in some areas - dark blues and blacks fill up a panel with words in red textbook. I liked that Wonder Woman wasn't drawn too soft or too manly - she was muscular, but still curvy. I did have trouble reading some pages due to the weird layout of the panels.


4 stars. The stories worked more for me than the artwork.