I Have Made a Terrible Mistake

Londonistan - Melanie Phillips

I read the introduction to this book (a long 12 pages) Sunday night and realized I made A GRAVE, TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Melanie Phillips came off as the British version of US political pundit Sarah Palin,  complete with word salads that gave no meaning...to entire paragraphs.


I may lean towards the liberal side, but I do have conservative friends and I would not wish this circle jerk logic on them. Those 12 pages were painful to read and I just don't have the stomach nor the blood pressure medication to read further. You have to be a fan of Ms. Phillips newspaper columns and television appearances in order to swallow anything she wrote in this book.


Ms. Phillips and I do agree on one thing: we both intensely dislike George Galloway...so there is that.


Not even a DNF, more like a Did Not Start