New Week, New Book: Nothing but Rain Edition

Last week saw me reading a little from a bunch of books, but not finishing much of anything. I also did some sight seeing and group trips that helped me reset my brain, but did not leave me with the energy to read. I hope to reverse the  trend very soon with the help of the upcoming Dewey Read-a-thon. Here's what I hope to get done this week:


1. Read Ramona and her Mother (Ramona Quimby #5) by Beverly Cleary

2. Read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (Ramona Quimby #7) by Beverly Cleary


These two books are the last of my Beverly Cleary at 100 project. I am not interested in reading about Ramona in the nineties or this century; for me, she is a kid from a time when I was a kid and I can't see her with a cell phone, talking about Justin Bieber. The reason I am skipping #6 in the series is that it is a compilation of books I have already read.


3. Finish The Love List (Half Moon House #1) by Deb Marlowe

I like what I have read so far, I just need to put my bottom in a chair and finish this already. Good book to take to the Laundromat. First book to read for Dewey if not done by Friday night.


4. Read The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. Probably the only Steinbeck book I am going to get to this month.


Dewey Read-a-thon Books:

5. Hearts in Flight by Patty Smith Hall

6. Hearts in Hiding by Patty Smith Hall

7. Hearts Rekindled by Patty Smith Hall