Dying to Read - Lorena McCourtney

Did not enjoy this book at all. The only reason I continued reading the book until the end was that I already had a DNF this month and did not want to add to that category. One day I will not let DNFs affect my reading choices, but today was not that day.


The MC, Cate Kincaid, was a sad sack of a character. Right from the beginning, she was bemoaning how she was close to age 30 and didn't have a perfect life (career, marriage, children). Spare me. In addition, she is a flake and far TSTL; and of course, she was a redhead with a fiery/impulsive temper - I hate that cliché so much. The people surrounding her were just as dumb and flaky as she was, so there wasn't one redeeming character in this mess. Out of the side characters, the love interest (Mitch) was an asshole, then a creepy NICE GUY (TM), then a lovesick puppy that Cate used to get herself out of jams. *le sigh*


Everybody lies in this book, and lies aren't even followed up or questioned by our (extremely immature) sleuth. Then the lies kept changing. Cate doesn't have much of people radar, so she believed the people who lied to her the most. And the plot was just Cate chasing her tail, believing whatever lies were being fed to her, and getting out of serious life-or-death situations that she could have prevented herself being in the first place.


This is a cozy mystery with the addition of being a Christian fiction to boot. To me, cozy mysteries are already heavy on the sweet and fluffy, and added superficial Christian flavorings were annoying and cloying. Cate is quite the judgmental Christian - when less religious characters referred to a Bible quotation (or paraphrase), Cate questioned how that person knew the quotation and how badly they messed up said quotation. There was also a lot of praying when she was too stupid to think through a situation. Really clichéd and superficial religious tone just bogged down the world building.


Overall, I added one more book to the read category, but an awful read it was. I won't be continuing to read the series or anything else from this author. 5 star.