#boutofbooks Saturday Update

Bout of Books



1. To Have Fun

2. To Read More Books

3. To Experience a low-key read-a-thon (24 hour marathons are really intense)


Books Picked:

1. My Fair Concubine (Tang Dynasty #3) by Jeannie Lin - buddy read with Obsidian Blue

2. Mission to Murder (Tourist Trap #2) by Lynn Cahoon

3. A Dream Defiant by Susanna Fraser

4. High Stakes: The Rising Cost of America's Gambling Addiction by Sam Skolnik

5. Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton


In order to complete my goals, I am curbing my habits of being on FB and Twitter so much and not going to watch any movies/tv shows until next week.


Monday's Progress:

1. Participated in the morning Twitter introduce yourself in six words

2. Read My Fair Concubine 50% completed


Tuesday's Progress:

1. Finished and reviewed My Fair Concubine

2. Started A Dream Defiant

3. Tweeted #shelfie4boutofbooks


Wednesday's Progress:

1. Tweeted #5favorites - I went with five history books on different natural disasters.

2. Finished and reviewed A Dream Defiant

3. Started High Stakes - 13% read

4. Started Mission to Murder - 25% read


Thursday's Progress:

1. Read High Stakes - 41% done

2. Read Mission to Murder - 57% done


Friday's Progress:

1. Finished and reviewed Mission to Murder

2. Read High Stakes - 61% done

3. Chose to swap out the other non-fiction book I had planned on reading during the read-a-thon.


Saturday's Progress:

1. Finished High Stakes

2. Started Magic in His Kiss - 9% read