Going to be a tough decision on rating

A Reluctant Rake - Jane Charles

On one hand: completely engaging and page turning story with a totally worthy main couple to root for. The villain is out of left field, but a nice change from the usual. And the main couple talk out their misunderstandings like adults. Just started this tonight and already I am almost to the half way point. Pretty good jumpstart on June's reading.


On the other hand: piss poor editing. For the love of humanity, it is "pin money" not "pen money"! Also, punctuation is so abused.


I picked up this book because the non-fiction works I have to get read and back to the library are 1) slowing me down due to density of subject matter and 2) depressing the hell out of me (basically every institution is corrupt but it's okay since we are all going to die from massive amounts of pollution - and I haven't even touched Missoula yet...). I needed a happy break and I got it, but damn self-publishers, know where your skills lie (storytelling) and shell out the money for skills you don't have (copy editing).