Review: Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole

For Love & Liberty: Untold love stories of the American Revolution - Stacey Agdern, Lena Hart, Alyssa B. Cole, Kate McMurray

Because BL's database does not have this short story as a separate entry, I had to go with the anthology (which is a shame, that was a nice cover on my Kindle edition - very patriotism raising).


I picked up this short story (roughly 60-65 Kindle "pages") on sale because the setting interested me - a historical romance set during the American Revolutionary War is hard to come by. What made me enjoy the story was the conflict - weird to write and probably read, but the conflict was historically accurate (history nerd alert!) and emotionally real. 


Please note that both of the MCs were black slaves, but the epilogue shows that they had their freedom papers (along with their adopted daughter).  I did feel that Cole went a little OTT on the heroine's backstory; that was more angst than a novella/short story can fully go in on. However, Kate was kick ass heroine from the moment the reader meets her. Elijah was a great hero and I loved his talent with horses. More importantly, they were adults that talked out their differences. I love when adult MCs act like grown ups.


Honestly, I just really enjoyed a historical romance that wasn't a cookie cutter version of Regency or mail-order bride formula. Cole has a deft hand with dialogue, which is where you see the conflict between the MCs. To be honest, I felt each of the MCs reasons for choosing the side they did was well though out and true to the characters, leading me to think that if they did not end up together at the end it would have still made a good story (not a romance, but still a decent love story). I could have done without the sex scene, just because it was a short story and the scene didn't make me believe in the romance anymore than I already did. 4 stars and can't wait to read more from Alyssa Cole.