Summer of Dreams: A From This Moment Novella - Elizabeth Camden

This novella is the prequel to the From This Moment series (which as of this month consists of a novella and a full length novel). This is an inspirational historical romance, but the religious tone is so light, it reads more like a basic clean read. I liked this romance up until the hero decides (recklessly) to save his friend and ruin his future dreams. It was a sacrifice that didn't make sense. I just could not buy into the romance between Clyde and Evelyn after they worked to get her cousin's academic career back into gear in time for graduation(and hero in the novel) and screwed up their chances for a real HEA.


Not to worry - and this is what pisses me off/disappoints me about bothering to even read this - because the three (long) chapters that make up the excerpt at the end of the novella involves Clyde and Evelyn's marriage breaking up after three years (so they have been separated for six years). I hate breaking up couples from earlier books - I don't care if they get back together in future books, their book is now ruined for me. There was also some continuity errors and some historical inaccuracies (found mostly within the dialogue).


2 stars. This is my first book for the COYER Summer Challenge. Summer Bingo square "Travel: Plans, trains or road trips" filled due to the characters taking multiple train trips from West Point to Boston.