Another book added to the DNF pile

The Bride Wore Blue - Cheryl Bolen

Another NOOK freebie....another DNF for the month. I made it to the 29.5% mark but it was a struggle to get that far. I don't like any of the characters except for the hero and there is no plot line at all in this book. Just rich, titled Brits walking around Bath doing rich, titled, British things and being horrible to each other (seriously, how many times can one person escort another person to a walk around The Pump Room?). The snobbiest of the bunch is the heroine, who has an unhealthy obsession in staying loyal to her deceased husband....including wearing black mourning dresses four years after he died and touching/holding a locket with his portrait and a lock of his hair every time she comes near the hunky hero.


Life's too short to read boring books about snobby rich people. I had my fill of bad romance books for the month.