Review: Superman/Wonder Woman Volume 1: Power Couple by Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel

Superman/Wonder Woman Volume 1: Power Couple TP by Charles Soule (2015-04-02) - Charles Soule

This is the trade paperback featuring issues #1-7.


Great relaxing read. This review will be biased because I ship Superman and Wonder Woman so much. This is a modern story, a little less emphasis on their respective origins and more on how their personal relationship will impact their lives and world-saving professional lives. Batman plays a small, but pivotal role in the story; for once, Batman is the calm and collected one and Superman is the emo superhero.


The story's villains are a male/female team from Superman's home planet, although the team is a leader/follower in the military sense than the Superman/Wonder Woman team which is based on teamwork and respect for the other's superpowers/talents. There is a smaller plot featuring Wonder Woman's family tree (aka the Greek Gods) also causing havoc on the couple.


The art work is gorgeous. The action scenes are drawn realistically. And the random pictures in the back of Superman/Wonder Woman in various eras and themes were fun (personal favorites were the two of them in steampunk-version of their costumes and an a funky 1930s/Art Deco with the two of them flying).


Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Batman: Get Wonder Woman. Don't be an idiot.

Superman: I already tried. I can't get in touch with her. We had a...discussion. And she-"

Batman: Please tell me you're joking. You two have a spat, and the world burns? How can you not be aware of the stakes of what you're doing?"


Superman: Use the lasso!

Wonder Woman: If I had it, I would! Pay attention to your own fight!


4 stars. COYER eligible.