Second Half of Year Itch

I pretty much threw out my planned reading list for July and just reading what I want. This is not a reading slump, although it was a year ago that I did go through a short slump. I am reading as much as I usually do, probably a little more considering I am pulling back on being present on non-bookish social media, as the crap spewing from all directions on FB and Twitter.


 I honestly don't know which is worse: UK politics/social environment or US politics/social environment (is it just me as a historian, or are there many shades of 1968 going on in 2016?). Fictional worlds seem damn near normal, even the dystopian and fantasy worlds. I have noticed that I am usually staying with a series or author until I finish all the books in the series (Tourist Trap Mystery, Brothers Sinister series as examples).


I am thinking strongly of chucking out August's reading list (already planned) too. Just taking a summer break from regimented reading and going for whatever I feel like. I also started watching Breaking Bad*, so I have to fit in binge watching the show with my hubby's work schedule (so we can watch it together, although only after the kids go down for the night) and my household chores and reading. It took until the ending of episode 3 of season 1 to get me hooked, but now I am all in for every season.


*Yes, I am way behind the curve on this, but I hate watching tv series when there is too much hype surrounding it and no end in the story telling - and then the channels go and cancel the show. Been burned too many times to start new shows without several good seasons in the can already (excluding OUAT, but that show is my guilty pleasure, no matter how silly/bad it gets).