The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan

A great big beautiful bounce back in 4-5 star territory with this installment of the Brothers Sinister series. Edward Clark/Edward Delacey was a gem of a hero, a break from the "perfectly perfect in every way" heroes that are found in romances. Edward has seen some shady stuff and it has given him a particular skill set that is greatly used in this book both character wise and plot wise. Edward has no F*CKS to give the world in general or British nobility crowd he was born into specifically, but is always ready to help a friend in need.


I had already taking a liking to Free (Fredericka) from the prior books, and this book solidifies that liking. She gives as good as she gets and is a BOSS without having to demean/demand things of her colleagues or family. She gets stuff done. The scenes between Free and Robert were really great to read.


Amanda (Violet's niece from the previous book) also gets her romantic storyline, and it involves one of the Johnson sisters from Jane's book. I love how Courtney Milan introduces new characters as side characters in books, then continues their smaller story lines throughout the series rather than just ignoring them after the one book appearances.


The angst level in this installment was lower than in previous books; with the addition of a second romantic storyline, the book had a lighter feel to it and made it a quick read. I needed the break from all the angst. 5 stars.