Another Read-a-thon

This weekend I will be participating in the #24in48 read-a-thon. Basically, this read-a-thon is based on busy lives of readers who can't just drop their schedules and read for the standard 24 read-a-thons. So the reader is given two days to read 24 hours, broken up in a way that suits the reader and his/her life. This really helps me out; as an epileptic and a mom of two young children, I can't intentionally go without sleep (I do naturally get bouts of insomnia that triggers an episode or makes me a really grumpy mommy). For the 24 in 48, I am going to try to knock out some holiday-set Harlequins, in a quick nod to Christmas in July. And this read-a-thon will help bolster my COYER challenge.