Review: Eternity in Death (...In Death #24.5) and Chaos in Death (...In Death #33.5) by J.D. Robb

Dead of Night - J.D. Robb, Mary Kay McComas, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan The Unquiet - J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan

A little Halloween Bingo bingeing to catch me up on the ...In Death series novellas.


1. Eternity in Death (...In Death #24.5) from the anthology Dead of Night 4 stars

    Fills in the Free Space Square

So glad to be back to NYC circa 2060. This story included a Vampire vs. Eve storyline. The characters outside the core group of the ...In Death gang were utterly shallow, but it was a novella and both of them were victims, so no big deal. The dialogue was funny and snappy. There was an emotional scene when Eve had to notify the ex-husband of one of the victims - written so well I was tearing up while reading.


2. Chaos in Death (...In Death #33.5) from the anthology The Unquiet 5 stars

   What a story! J.D. Robb takes on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story and gives it an ...In Death spin to it. I liked that Eve didn't know who the killer was right away; she actually had to go through the evidence and suspect list was long enough to keep me guessing. There was also an appearance by Nadine, Louise and Charles, Trina, and Mavis, which is always a plus to have Eve's friends show up and help in their fields of expertise. There was also a good dose of humor, which was sorely needed as this story came right after the heavy and very dark book NY to Dallas. I couldn't stop reading this until it was done.