Succubus Lost - Tiffany Allee

Fills in the Scary Women Authors square for Halloween Bingo.


This is book #2 in the Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series from Entangled. The main couple in this in this installment is Marisol (friend of the heroine from the last book) who is a succubus and a detective with the Chicago PD and Valerio Costa who is an agent with the OEA and a salamander. They are on a quest to find Marisol's sister and find the person(s) responsible for kidnapping young succubi and selling them as sex slaves.


I loved the mystery and the chemistry between the two leads. Tiffany Allee really knows how to balance plot and characters. I did figure out pretty early who the villain was, but it was fun to go through the process of finding and bringing said villain to justice. Although the page count is low (132 pages), the writing is tight and there is no filler. The only problem is the formatting - there needs to be more of a page break between scenes in the same chapter. 4 stars.