Review: Lycan Unleashed by Tiffany Allee

Lycan Unleashed - Tiffany Allee

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This was a valley in this series. The heroine (Astrid), a sensitive who is a detective with the Chicago PD, was a wet blanket. She cried a lot and had a fair amount of TSTL moments; however, at other times, she was incredibly smart cop. The hero (Mason) was a lycan working with the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. They teamed up to find a killer(s) of a vampire/succubus couple.


The romance would have been stronger if the history the hero and heroine shared was a little more fleshed out beyond one kiss two years ago. The mystery was a complete snooze and I named the killers as soon as each made their first appearance in the book. I do think they made a good couple, just wasn't up to the standard the author set from the first two books in the series.