Review: ...In Death Series Novella by J.D. Robb, Part 3

Fills in Ghost/Haunted House Square


Possession in Death (...In Death #31.5) from the anthology The Other Side


A little slow going, this book takes on a different twist for the ...In Death gang. The logical, rational Eve Dallas is possessed by a ninety year old woman who is looking for her great-granddaughter. Rather than fight the ghost at every turn, Eve listens and follows the ghost and solves the case, which includes eight bodies and one very living great-granddaughter. She also solves the case of an unconnected murder while sitting in Morris' morgue lounge. Again, rather than going into hysterics or fighting against the visions, Eve trusts them and her instinct. A pleasant surprise, and at times funny (such as the possessed ghost responding in Hungarian or Russian). 3.5 stars.