Laura Silverman

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):

I don't often post the random drama that happens on Twitter or the Interwebs in general, but this is really messed up. Laura Silverman, the author of the upcoming Girl Out Of Water, is being targeted by trolls for making a Twitter comment about Jimmy Fallon and Trump.


Now, we all know that's normal. Twitter can be an awful place. Except she's now being targeted on Goodreads, where her debut book is being knocked down with 1-star reviews by those same obnoxious trolls. Plus they're posting 1-star reviews on any other author's books who stick up for her.


Here's Laura's Twitter:


Here's her book on GR:


Here's her pre-order link on Amazon:



Look, I hate bullies. Internet bullies most of all, because they're the most cowardly. So I'll happily stick up for, and support, any author targeted by them. Heaven forbid someone disagrees with you on the Internet. *sigh*