Holiday Gift Idea

Eva's Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends - Eva Longoria, Marah Stets

So I was looking through my library's cookbook stash in the hope of finding a few good soup recipes for winter time. I like Ms. Longaria as an actress and a person, so I borrowed this title so I could do a good look at home. Turns out, in addition to being an actress, spokesperson, and running her own charity, Eva Longaria is also a restaurant co-owner and now cookbook author.


First, this is a beautiful book in and of itself. The pictures are sharp but not over-decorated or fussy. The pictures actually made the food look mouth-watering, presentable, and yet do-able. The color palette for the book is bright and cheerful (reds, greens, oranges, and yellows), but again not fussy or overdone.


Second, the recipes are so easy to follow and do not require a huge list of ingredients. Ms. Longaria's theory of cooking is less is more, which I can totally get behind. The recipes are all about seasonal fresh ingredients, whether you garden, get your produce at the farmers' markets, or shop in the supermarket (yes, she actually gives a shout out to supermarket produce managers for making their sections easy and colorful environment to shop in).


There are small sections devoted to family and friends helpful tips or advice (her aunt was a caterer, so you see a lot of Aunt Elsa's advice). Each section of the book and then each recipe has its own introduction, some that include advice on pairing one recipe with others in the book. Most of the recipes are Tex-Mex with variations from French, Italian, and Caribbean cuisine.


Overall, I was really happy to find this cookbook and hope to make a few items in the next few weeks. Since some folks are starting their holiday gift giving lists, I thought I share my find.