Catching Up


1.I haven't been blogging much this past week due to BL's sluggish response time and because I did some housekeeping on my neglected shelves (which took much longer than I had wanted to devote due to said BL sluggish response time). I dropped six pages worth of "planning to read" - this came from officially DNFing books I decided to DNF a long time ago, deleting duplicates, reclassifying some books to the wish list shelf, and making decisions about how interested I am in certain books and if I should just delete them and move on (the answer most of the time: nope, not interested and yes, move on already).


I dropped two pages worth of "read" books due to duplicates (you may want to check your read shelves for this....or it could just be me). I added genre shelves, for ease in finding books to recommend (or dissuade) to people without having to go through every read book.


2. I signed up for Dewey's Read-a-thon. Now I just got to go through and choose some books. Since the challenge  starts at 10am CST in the States (3pm my time) on Saturday, I will be doing some of that reading on the bus heading to the NY Giants vs. LA Rams game in London (go G-MEN!!). Nothing better than to have a day devoted to my beloved Giants and reading. I will be posting on GoodReads or Twitter my challenge updates while traveling (seriously, can we get a BL app already?).


3. I made some changes to my Halloween Bingo reading list. Daphne du Maurer and Dracula have been kicked to the curb - I tried, but couldn't get into either one. I am probably going to read something short by Edgar Allen Poe or Henry James for that Classic Horror square. I am going back to my original choice for the Gothic square. Still working on the book for Creepy Crawlies square (a great book, but stopped to work on shelves). Right now I am at 20/25 finished, so I hope to finish and achieve black out in the next couple of weeks.


4. I am working on November and December reading lists and on 2017 reading challenges. I am doing so from underneath a fleece blanket while sipping on my third tumbler of tea because October arrived and brought the bone-deep chilly weather with it.