2017 Reading Goals

My reading goals for 2017 is going to be much simpler than last year's goals.


1. Read 100 books.

    This will be tracked at Good Reads. I dropped the number from 2016 because I plan on reading a lot more non-fiction which slows my reading pace.


2. Read 15 non-fiction books (Diseases and Disasters).

    The non-fiction books sitting on my TBR since forever all deal with diseases (small pox, influenza, etc) or disasters (natural and man-made). I'm going to focus on my physical TBR, but there will be a few books I put on my OverDrive wish list I want to get to as well.


3. Physical TBR Read Down

    We 18 months left here in England and I don't want to pack up my physical fiction TBR again (we had six boxes of books just between me and hubby). So I am going to try to knock out the reading, then donate to local charity shops.


4. 2017 Pop Sugar Ultimate Reading Challenge.

    I have some books attached to appropriate prompts, but keeping most open so that I can attached books I am already reading to those open prompts. I see only two prompts that are going to be problems - 1) 800+ page book (all the chunky books I have are 650-700 pages) and 2) audiobook (I have issues with paying attention).


5. Continue to volunteer at the library on a regular basis.

     I have been volunteering at the base since October and it is very rewarding to give back to my military community. I have learned a lot about the library business and the librarians who work in public libraries! It is hard not to add to the TBR pile while I am straightening out shelves (looking at you YA section!).


7. Bookish travel.

    I'm registered for RT in May and have all my travel/hotel arrangements set. I also hope to make it to the British Library this year.


A mil-spouse friend of mine is leaving to go back to the U.S., so another friend and I are going to take her to London for an overnight Girls' Night Out that includes a B+B/boutique hotel that is decorated/themed in all things Harry Potter. We plan on taking her on a Harry Potter walking tour and going to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast (and drinking ALL the Beer/Cider/Wine/Shots of liquor).