Dewey Readathon Wrap Up

My time zone meant the 24 hours of reading started at 1pm Saturday to 1pm Sunday. I had the trip to see the NFL game Sunday morning, so I knew before going into this that I would not be getting all 24 hours of reading in.


Still, my productivity sucked major league. I only got through 56% of the first book I started; I finished 0 books. I am a member of the FB and GR groups, and my phone was constantly blasting notifications of people's comments so much I had to turn off my phone completely. My husband had weekend duty this weekend; although he went into work at 8am, he was done by 1pm and decided to take the afternoon to be Mr. Chatty and wouldn't give me peace and quiet to read. I set aside one hour to read to the kids (Josh is starting to read words on his own - very exciting! also, it takes longer to read books at bedtime). So there participation was 100% (eight books). Hubby decided to read after the kids went to bed, so I got through some of the book after dinner too.


Sunday I pretty much read on the bus trip to London. I tried reading on the way home, but was so tired I decided to sleep instead. The game itself and the experience of a live NFL game, was a blast! And to top it off, my NY Giants won 17-10 against the LA Rams! Today I was busy with catching up on chores that went undone while I tried in vain to do the Dewey and the trip.


I have much more success with Bout of Books and 24 in 48 Readathon, so I am going to continue doing those and give the Dewey a hard pass. I just can't be left alone to read to make it worthwhile.