Review: When We Touch (Whiskey Creek #.5) & When Lightning Strikes (Whiskey Creek #1) by Brenda Novak

When Lightning Strikes - Brenda Novak

I read the prequel novella after I finished Halloween Bingo and before Dewey. BL's database didn't have the novella listed, so it doesn't show in my reading challenge count. So I am adding it to this review.


When We Touch (Whiskey Creek #.5)

Olivia is a wedding planner who is roped into creating a dream wedding for her sister's quick marriage to Olivia's long-distance boyfriend. Olivia spends the week hanging out with now ex-boyfriend's step-brother and her prom date from 10 years ago, Brandon. Despite the fucked up family dynamics (both families suck so much you would think their names were Bissell and Hoover) in this novella, I rooted for Brandon and Olivia from the first page. They got a strong and believable HFN ending, so I am hoping I get more of their relationship later in the series. 4 stars.


When Lightning Strikes (Whiskey Creek #1)

If you like daytime dramas, this is your catnip. It was an entertaining story that I couldn't put down. However, certain subjects should not be brought up if not handled correctly; in this book's case it was domestic violence (side character who may end up as main character in later in series) and date-rape (heroine's past). I liked Simon (hero) much more than I did Gail (heroine); he really made an effort to change his life for the better. Gail was decent, but I wanted her to be a stronger woman; she came with a ton of insecurities that got repetitive after a while and her relationship with her family bordered on controlling. Overall, I liked the story enough to continue the series. 3 stars.