My Best of Reading 2016 - Authors Category

The authors who shaped my reading experience in 2016 in the very best way:


1. Michael Lewis

   Flash Boys

   The Big Short

   Liar's Poker


Lewis makes the financial world fun to read and slides a healthy dose of information for the reader to understand more about the economics of the world. No wonder some of his books have been adapted to the big screen. Can't wait to read more of his works in 2017.


Favorite book: The Big Short


2. Courtney Milan

    The Carhart Trilogy

    The Brothers Sinister Series


Smart and emotionally satisfying historical romance - so far I have read three series (Turner series was read in 2015), and a bad Milan romance is still better than 75% of romances out there. Only one book completely disappointed me (the novella in the Carhart series). Her books are different - from characterizations to the circumstances that bring the hero and heroine together to the historical and scientific accurate details. After 13 books in two years, I will probably take a break from reading her works in 2017, but I will still recommend her to anyone wanting to read some of the best the romance genre has produced.


Favorite books: The Heiress Effect (Brothers Sinister #2) and The Suffragette Scandal (Brothers sinister #4)


3. Tom King

    Vision Vol 1


I credit Grimlock for getting me to read the first six issues of this 12 issue series. Tom King can spin a tale about a family of robots that has more humanity in the story than most authors do with human characters. I plan on reading the last 6 issues when the trade is released (hopefully by early spring 2017).


4. Lynn Cahoon

    The Tourist Trap Mysteries Series


Each installment in the series is so much fun, but also realistic - no overly quirky characters or stupid plot bunnies. And the setting of South Cove, California allows me to subdue my homesickness for California. This series is a lot like potato chips - just can't read one without wanting to read all of them.


Favorite book: Tea Cups and Carnage (Tourist Trap Mysteries #7)


5. Alyssa Cole

    Be Not Afraid

    Let It Shine


Both of the novellas by Cole are a breath of fresh air in the crowded historical romance subgenre. Cole's romantic pairing leads to realistic conflict, but she carefully constructs the pairings so the storyline isn't weighed down by unnecessary drama. Her stories are also historically accurate and in time periods not usually seen in historical romance. She can write a really funny one liner, which is a shot of light into sometimes darker themes in her books. I hope to read more from her in 2017.


Favorite book: Let It Shine 


6. Deb Marlowe

    An Unexpected Encounter (Half Moon House novella)

    The Love List (Half Moon House #1)


Marlowe was a stand out in my Regency romance reading. She can write a plot that goes from the ballroom to the dark alleys of the seedy side of London and still create a strong romance with a HEA that satisfies.


Favorite Book: The Love List (Half Moon House #1)