Highlights from the first half of this book

Busted: Life Inside the Great Mortgage Meltdown - Edmund L. Andrews

A little taste of what the writing is like in this book:



Yet the whole effort had probably taken less than four hours of work on my part. I couldn't help feeling like a high roller, a sophisticated player who could lay his hands on big money at a moment's notice. I had whipped through the pile of loan documents with elan in less than forty-five minutes. Even though it was all about buying a house in the suburbs, it felt vaguely exciting, edgy, and a little gangsta. (pg. 39)


Dude, you are a middle-aged white guy who works for the New York Times. You are not even a little gangsta - by the way, yes he wrote it just like that.




It was April 8, 2006, nearly two years since we had bought our house. What had seemed like a brazen liar's loan in 2004 had become genteel if not quaint by 2006. The boom in exotic mortgages was now more like an orgy of abandon that was getting closer to its collective climax. (pg. 89)


I am really tire of this guy's "insights" into how buying a mortgage is like marriage/relationship. Seriously.