ARe shutting down 12/31/16

Reblogged from Linda78:

ARe has just announced they're shutting down their store at the end of the year. They are advising everyone to back up their libraries. If you have pending orders that won't be released until after that date, I don't know what they're doing about those. Best to contact them directly. If you have ebucks to spend, the clock's ticking.


Edit: According to an announcement on Dreamspinner's site, ARe will not refund for pre-orders, but you can go to DSP to get your book. 


There is also the option to file a complaint with your credit card company to get a reimbursement or to cancel payment. It would be a good idea to get screenprints of ARe's homepage now announcing the shut down and their non-refund policy if you're going to go that route.


What a hassle! Thanks for the heads up, ARe. =/