Prom and Prejudice - Elizabeth Eulberg

Romance Bingo Square - YA


A quick read, entertaining but a bit shallow in terms of feelings. Lizzie attends Longbourne Academy as a scholarship student, making her an outcast at the school. She has just two friends, Charlotte (fellow scholarship student) and Jane (Lizzie's room mate). At the beginning of the book, Lizzie meets Charles and Darcy (from Pemberly Academy, the sister school to Longbourne) at a welcome back party and is in instant dislike of Darcy; likewise, Darcy is immune to Lizzie's charms due to her status at school. Add there is Charles' twin sister, a Pemberly drop out named George Wick, and Jane's little sister Lydia, and well, the gang's all here (here being small town Connecticut).

The story was fun to pass to the time to and gain another square completed for the bingo. Lizzie and Jane are adorable and you can really tell their friendship runs deep. Lydia is just exhausting as a human being and just as stupid/naïve to fall for Wick as in the original. I connected with Darcy more here than I did in the original, but he was a little too thirsty for Lizzie's affections so soon into the story. Lizzie was the best character - she knew herself and had no problems standing up for herself and her friends. She also kept her wits about her, especially in dealing with Darcy and Wick. Wick is still an asshole of the highest order. The fact that she and Darcy were together in the end and both of them opted out of prom rang true for the story and was the best ending.