Long Gone Girl - Amy Rose Bennett

Romance Bingo square - Second Chances


This book had so much potential and it squandered all of it. It took me two days to read a 95 page e-book, it was so boring. The couple (Ginny and Jett) are the kind of characters you find in a modern contemporary romance, just stuck with 1950s wall paper. Ginny is home from the Korea War where she served as a MASH surgical nurse and a widow (her husband serving as a doctor on the front lines). YES - FINALLY we get a heroine who served in the military!!! It seems us female service members often are overlooked as potential mates in romance. Ginny is living at home with her parents and working a tireless job as a nurse at the county hospital when she gets a couple of days off and heads to the Point Pleasant (one of the many stops along the Jersey shore). She also has an interview with a prestigious hospital in NYC, which will hopefully land her a job with a future different from Jersey roots.

Jett is a fighter pilot who served in Korea as well and is working off the last months of his commission before settling down to a life as a long-haul airline pilot and a wife and kids deal. Again, back story with a lot of potential. He also takes off for a few days at the shore, meeting up with Ginny for the first time since he broke her heart at prom, nine years ago.

Ginny can hold a grudge, Jett explains his side of the story, she forgives him, they have sex - the weekend is done. Boring weekend with predictable side character to bring in a reminder of the conflict which led to the grudge in the first place. Back in their hometown, Jett gives it one more shot and Ginny folds like a house of cards. It is a HFN type of ending. This read more like a contemporary New Adult than a historical set in the 1950s. It was also very shallow in terms of emotional development. Just overall disappointed in what was a potential winner.