Friday Reads!

Key Of Knowledge - Nora Roberts Celtic Viking: Historical Romance (Heart of the Battle Series Book 1) - Lexy Timms Dangerous Allies - Renee Ryan

I got a full weekend ahead of me, so my short list of weekend reading is aspirational rather than a firm to-do. My base library is having a "Souper Bowl" dinner on Monday evening, so I am attempting to make homemade Italian Wedding soup as a donation. Monday is a down day for us, so kid is off from school and husband is home from work (shout out to the regional commanders in Germany who understand that late-night Super Bowl parties and early to rise military work don't mix well!).


What I am reading this weekend, amongst the social appointments I need to keep:

1. Key of Knowledge (Key Trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts - my number one priority, as it is a library loan that is due back on Tuesday.


2. Celtic Viking by Lexie Timms - short book featuring (I am assuming...) a man in kilt. I have a sinking feeling this may be more of an installment of a serial read.


3. Dangerous Allies (WWII Book 1) by Renee Ryan - nothing says rogue like a sexy spy teaming up with another sexy spy to save the world from the Nazis. I need this right now.