Review: To Defy a Sheikh by Maisey Yates

To Defy a Sheikh - Maisey Yates

Romance Bingo - Secret Billionaire square


The Yates magic is back! I was a little leery of reading this sheikh romance because the last one by Yates was a long slog. But not this one - it starts with the heroine attempting to assassinate the hero. Very much an enemies-to-lovers trope. Their back stories was deeply ugly, but that ugliness does bond them to each at first. You can see the evolution of character as both individuals and as a couple, and you really feel the HEA is deserved. Samarah (heroine) was such a bad ass. She understands that her "innocence" is in physical nature only; her life on the streets gave her quite an education that is completely opposite from the typical virgins in the Presents line. I had to break down this square; "Secret" pertains to Samarah's parentage and re-entry into public life, billionaire because the dude is sheikh.