Celtic Viking: Historical Romance (Heart of the Battle Series Book 1) - Lexy Timms

Romance Bingo - Man in a Kilt square


Sweet humanity, this book sucks. Historical inaccuracies up the wazzoo, contemporary NA characterizations, and to top it off, this is only the first 12 chapters of a three-part serialized story.


The most glaring screw up has to deal with Erik (the hero) and his merry band and killing and pillaging Vikings...who are also Celts....from the kingdom/country of Denmark, making them Danes as well ?????????? For a group of commanders who don't want their enlisted men to rape the townswomen because it would taint their "pure" Saxon blood, it seems they couldn't decided on what group they belonged to, so they belong to every group (except of course the dirty English, yet they were fighting near the Scottish border). Look, I did not major in European history (modern American history was my concentration), but even I know that keeping the blood of rank-and-file fighting men "pure" was not much of a concern; in a very vile way, raping was seen as a right of the victor to the spoils of war.


Not for these confused commanders - they just want everyone dead, so that the people of northern England/southern Scotland will be terrorized and thus, kneel before them as their conquerors - except no one piped up and said "hey, if we kill everyone, there won't be any English people subjected to our rule."


Don't even get me started on how Erik was drinking coffee with his men on the mornings before battles....in England....in 876 AD.


Linzi (the Scottish heroine with a name spelled to damn cutesy to be taken seriously) is more concerned about boys and getting a free, huge rose tattoo from her BFF who has enough experience to do so because she gave herself one (in between her breasts yo). Linzi is seventeen and ready to mix it up with blonde English local boyLuke (older brother's friend) or Erik, who she meets at 68% into the story - where this part of the story ends. Pretty much any blonde will do.


Much spelling and grammar mistakes; formatting for the NOOK is off as well.


If you want to read this, I suggest you get all three parts at once because they are a quick read and ends with cliffhangers. I can't do anymore of this historical inaccuracy or the NA characters, so I won't be continuing with the other two volumes.