Friday Reads!

Dangerous Allies - Renee Ryan A Lady Dares - Bronwyn Scott His Ring Is Not Enough - Maisey Yates

I hit the wall on reading romance this week and as a result I only finished one book this week. But I have only 6 squares to fill in for a black out card, so I am just going to put my head down and plow through as best as I can. I think March is going to almost all non-fiction, just to give myself a break.


This weekend starts birthday mayhem in the household, with my daughter turning 4 on Sunday and then my son turning 6 next Saturday. I got out-voted and so we are taking the kids to a zoo nearby on Saturday (I wanted to go to the British Library, but I guess I will wait until Spring Break now).


Here is what I am hoping to get done reading wise this weekend:


1. Dangerous Allies (WWII Book 1) by Renee Ryan

    I'm 50% done and really enjoying reading about British and Russian spies working together in Germany. However, the book is from the inspirational line at Harlequin and the author is shoe-horning in the Christian faith at weird/inappropriate times (like when hero is having a conversation with Henrich Himmler and keeps saying Psalms in his head - dude pay attention to the evil bad man in front of you).


2. A Lady Dares by Bronwyn Scott

    I am stuck at the 23% mark just because I seem to not read as fast or get easily distracted reading a print book. Not a bad story so far, and I am digging the chemistry between the hero and heroine, just need to adapt to reading print after so much ebook reading.


3. His Ring is Not Enough by Maisey Yates

    If I am able and lucky to knock out the first two, this will be my kick off book for the next week. This time it is not about a sheikh!