All I Want (Dukes of War Book 8) - Erica Ridley

I had finished both books I took with me on the bus trip yesterday, so I decided to read this short story (emphasis on short) to knock it off my NOOK. Meh, the story was okay; there were only two scenes in the entire story, but the hero and heroine knew each other and were friends in childhood, so no real insta-love. More like finally admitting they had feelings for each other and making a relationship a go. I've read the first three or four books, and this story doesn't tie in to the main characters so it is pretty much self-contained. It was a freebie from the NOOK store.


Completely unrelated to the book or series, but man, can Erica Ridley put together a beautiful cover or what? That was what first drew me into reading the Dukes of War series, those covers!