Knead to Know (The Knead to Know Series Book 1) - Liz Schulte

A 49 page story that was a freebie in the NOOK store.


This was a start to a new series that may have tied into one of the author's other series, as some events were alluded to in this story with little detail. The one big event, at least in Maggie's case, is the death of her lover and sire Baker and how Holden and Olivia (distant relatives and also jinnis) stopped her transformation halfway through the process. So Maggie is a new half-vampire and getting ready to open her own bakery. And the story is how she opened said bakery while handling all the new stuff about her life as a paranormal being. That's it. Meh.


There were two guys in Maggie's life - Garrett is a human reporter who finds out her secret and wants to expose her days before the bakery's opening and Boone is a carpenter working on the bakery and has psychic abilities. Maggie tells Boone her secret, Boone tells her his secret, they work together nicely. Garrett is handled in the end by Holden. Again, not a whole lot going on here, but there is a definite avoidance at a love triangle and maybe something happening in the future with Maggie and Boone.


The big flaw in this story is that the world building and rules are routinely violated by Maggie. Why bother having rules set by The Abyss when your MC is going to end up on their black list? It doesn't make sense and would probably frustrate me in a longer work, so I am getting off the series now.