Read 100 out of 375 pages

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream - Barack Obama

I'm not one for taking notes while reading, but this book is compelling me to read with a pencil in my hand so that I can line some of the important items (it is my own copy - so no worries about destroying public library property :D). Here is what I underlined in the first 100 pages:


"...underscore one of the differences between ideology and values: Values are faithfully applied to the facts before us, while ideology overrides whatever facts call theory into question." (pg. 59)


"When, for fear of appearing censorious, progressive political leaders can't even acknowledge the problem, those parents start listening to those leaders who will - leaders who may be less sensitive to constitutional constraints." (pg. 61)


"Sometimes we need both cultural transformation and government action - a change in values and a change in policy - to promote the kind of society we want." (pg. 63)


"Still, I wondered if, in our reliance on the courts to vindicate not only our rights but also our values, progressives had lost too much faith in democracy." (pg. 83)


" I suspect was true for those teaching Scripture, I found that my students often felt they knew the Constitution without having really read it. They were accustomed to plucking out phrases that they'd heard and using them to bolster their immediate arguments, or ignoring passages that seemed to contradict their views." (pg. 85)


"...may be the vision of the Founders that inspires us, but it was their realism, their practicality and flexibility and curiosity, that ensured the Union's survival." (pg. 94)


"...that deliberation and the constitutional order may sometimes be the luxury of the powerful, and that it has sometimes been the cranks, the zealots, the prophets, the agitators, and the unreasonable - in other words, the absolutists - that have fought for a new order." (pg. 97)


"He [Senator Byrd] told me I would do well in the Senate but that I shouldn't be in too much of a rush - so many senators today became fixated on the White House, not understanding that in the constitutional design it was the Senate that was supreme, the heart and soul of the Republic." (pg. 100)


Chapter 3's focus was on the Constitution and was like reading a Constitutional Law 101.