Enchanted, Inc. - Shanna Swendson

A cute and quick read. I liked the MC and her adventures as a single woman living and working in NYC. There was a hint of a possible love triangle, but it was definitely resolved at the end and I think Katie and Ethan make a better couple. I think my favorite scene is the one that has kissing frogs on the girl's night out. It helped Katie bond with her new co-workers and was a lesson in unintended consequences. I also liked the battle scene at the end.


I'm having a hard time placing this in genre terms - it is more paranormal than magical realism, but still firmly in contemporary realistic fiction. The romance is a side plotline, not the main event so it is not a paranormal romance. Too light and fluffy for the urban fiction tag. It was a good read, but the world building is hard to define.  


Looking forward to the next book in the series.