Read 81 out of 453 pages

Nora Roberts: The Obsession (Hardcover); 2016 Edition - Nora Roberts

Ms. Roberts really knows how to write dialog, especially when accents are involved. The MC (Naomi) and her family is originally from West Virginia back country, and yet none of them or the townspeople speak with an exaggerated southern accent or speak in a dumbed-down manner. When Naomi and family move to NYC and she intentionally tries to lose her accent, over the course of the chapters in NYC Naomi does lose the accent while still retaining her voice from the previous chapters.


I only wanted to get a few chapters started in this book, since I have now 3 books currently being read, but I ended up reading the entire first section because Naomi is an incredible character. Fingers crossed this awesome reading continues through the rest of the book.