RT Con 2017 - Need Advice

Just 10 days from my trip to Atlanta and the RT con. I am really excited to experience my first book convention, but anxiety (both social and general) and my less than awesome introvert habits are building faster as each day gets closer to the event. I haven't had a panic or anxiety attack in years, thanks to much self-care and meds. One trigger for me is the possibility of having an epileptic seizure in public/around strangers, which is where I think most of the anxiety is coming from. I won't have my husband or trusted friend with me who would understand what is happening if I did have a seizure, nor would they know how to help me recover. One event at RT that I would like to attend is described as a light show, which is a red flag for seizure trigger.  I also just don't like to fly (no phobias about it) - yes it is ironic for an Air Force veteran to not be down for flying, but there it is (I was a ground troop anyways).


I will have my mom out during the weekend, so that should be fun and helpful to get me through the last part of the convention seizure/anxiety wise. I haven't had one-on-one time with my mom since 2015.


Any tips on surviving your first con?