Booklikes-opoly Third Turn

Far From Home (A Mangrove Island Novel Book 2) - Neve Cottrell


Bank: $23.00

Previous space: Carsland 17

April 21st Roll: 6 (1+5)

New space: New Orleans 22 - Read a book with overseas travel or with a suitcase on the cover. I picked Far From Home (Mangrove Island #2) by Neve Cottrell; it is 167 pages for a possible $2.00. I picked this book because it has an UK citizen traveling/visiting Mangrove Island, Florida.



Caspian Warwick, the Marquess of Pembroke, has been enjoying life on Mangrove Island, hosting lavish parties on his yacht and getting a taste of the local female flavor. When his old friend and political advisor arrives to woo him back to public office in England, they hatch a plan to rehabilitate his image, starting with his scandalous love life.

Public relations guru Rebecca Laughlin has fled to Mangrove Island from New York after a disastrous affair with her womanizing boss. She's sworn off charmers and takes an instant dislike to Lord Warwick. In desperate need of money, however, she agrees to help him resurrect his defunct political career by finding him a suitable wife that the public will adore.

No one can deny the heat between them ~ the heated arguments and hot tempers, that is. Will they embrace their feelings for each other or will they let their past dictate their future?