Far From Home (A Mangrove Island Novel Book 2) - Neve Cottrell

A good contemporary romance about an English aristocrat (Caspian Warwick) hiding out on the island after resigning from his position in the House of Lords after one two many media scandals. The heroine (Rebecca Laughlin) is escaping to the island after an affair with her boss ends with her finding out he cheated with her co-worker. Rebecca is hired by Caspian and his political advisor/longtime friend Alistair to fix Caspian's image in time for him to run for an election in the House of Commons (representing Bunbury). This is a tall order, as the introduction of Caspian into the story was him waking up in his bed next to some random woman and with a hangover after a night of partying on his yacht.


I really liked Caspian; I loved Alistair and quite frankly he deserves his own book (he is ready to marry Jemima, Caspian's sister, but Caspian's mom wants Caspian married off first). Rebecca I couldn't relate to or connect with - she is impulsive to the point of TSTL territory, and she has bad judgment (sleeping with her boss who has quite the reputation as a love'em and leave'em sort). Her family is emotionally exhausting; her mother calls daily and her brother comes to the island to find the truth of Rebecca's sudden vacation. Yeah, I don't mind that Rebecca lied to them throughout the story.


Even though I didn't care for the heroine, I still raced through the book because it was entertaining and much better written than many contemporary romances I have read. I definitely bought into the HEA, but a HFN could have worked just as well. A copy editor is needed to polish this solid story.


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Pages: 167/$2.00