Review: Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverly Jenkins

Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins

Rhine Fontaine is the product of a white slave owner raping one of his slaves and was raised a slave. Because of his coloring, he can pass for a white man and decides to do so after fighting in the ACW. He makes his money and his way to Virginia City, NV and becomes a respectable part of the community, both to the African-Americans and the white population. He feels he can do more for AAs as a white man....until Eddy Carmichael comes to town.


I loved Rhine! His engagement to Natalie was strictly a power move - he knew going in it was never going to be love (or even friendliness) between the two of them. He tried to set her ass straight a number of times, but with growing feelings for Eddy, he decides he doesn't want to parent Natalie and kicks her ass to the curb. Can you tell I don't like Natalie? I think her ending in the story was less than satisfying but probably very realistic for the time period. Sylvie and Doc - I think I liked their story more than I did Rhine and Eddy at certain points. Eddy was a likeable character who held her own, even with a gun in her face (twice in the story). She had principles, but also brains, a talent and love for cooking, and a heart that would not let her be dishonest. No big misunderstanding and no hiding behind flimsy lies. I also liked how Beverly Jenkins really fills out the town with people who are individuals that the reader could keep track of without the need of a spreadsheet.


I really liked the heat level and sex scenes in this book - just enough on the page to fulfill the sexual tension built up, but not so long that I skipped pages. Also the historical detail enhanced the story without being a history lesson. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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Pages: 240 Bank: $3.00